Sundray is a Chinese company founded in 2011 that focuses on providing enterprise-grade WLAN equipment. It offers an all-in-one designed network with next-generation WLAN solution that is more secure and manageable. Sundray has opened branches across Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and Oceania to serve more than 45,000 customers in various industries.

Why Sundray


All In One System With Various Capabilities

Sundray designed an all-in-one system that has various capabilities converged into one. This will not only reduce your business costs but also ensure an easier installation and management process while also guaranteeing a safer and faster Wi-Fi system.

A Member of WI-Gi Alliance

Sundray is a member of Wi-Gi Alliance, which means that Sundray is engaged in the latest Wi-Fi technology developments. By doing so, Sundray is dedicated to providing you with the newest Wi-Fi technologies and solutions.

Comply with Industry Standards

Sundray has obtained a variety of certifications, namely ISO 9001, CE, IP68, and CMMI 5 certificates. These certifications have shown that Sundray has complied with industry standards in providing comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions for your business.

Sundray Products

Access Point
Point offer the indoor and outdoor type access point to fit the requirement for performance, budget and development scenario. Under the same specification as other enterprise Wi-Fi vendor, Sundray Access Point concurrent user is 2-4 times than the other enterprise Wi-Fi vendors.
Wireless Access Controller
Sundray wireless AC controller is an all in one system that has numerous capabilities, including wireless AP management, user authentication, marketing push, VPN, enterprise-grade firewall and many more. With Sundray wireless AC controller, you will get a safer Internet connection and experience that will result in safer office and data.
A POE allows a network to carry electrical power. With Sundray POE switches, you just need an internet connection to operate all your devices. This will ultimately reduce business cost and increase efficiency because there is no need to build a power infrastructure. Sundray POE switches come with visual management platform making it more secure and reliable.

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