Lumada data integration with Pentaho enterprise edition Collaboratively build, deploy and monitor dataflows to streamline data delivery. Deliver analytics-ready data to end users faster with visual tools that reduce time and complexity. Without writing SQL or coding, gain real value from data sources such as files, databases, data warehouses, data lakes and more, from edge to core to multicloud.

Why Pentaho


15x Productivity with Automation

Onboard multiple thousands of varied on-premises, cloud, and edge data sources efficiently and quickly with modern data integration

10x Faster Production Deployment

Choose execution engines from native to Spark to suit the job, reducing effort, saving costs, and future proofing your enterprise data pipeline

3x Improvement in Pipeline Quality

No-code functionality versus hand-coding data pipelines using an easy drag and drop interface for on-premises and cloud Hadoop data lake integration

Pentaho Products

Pentaho Data Integration Enterprise Edition Standard & Premium Support
Pentaho data integration enterprise will integrate your data and applications with a customizable solution to assist in the implementation, deployment, and delivery of high scalability in your environment. Pentaho data integration technology, along with a comprehensive software suite that enables you to access, blend, and analyze data from any source, will allow you to build new business models while reducing costs.
Pentaho Platform Enterprise Edition (Pentaho Data Integration + Pentaho Business Analytic)
Pentaho Platform Enterprise Edition (Pentaho Data Integration + Pentaho Business Analytic)

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