Nodeflux is an Indonesian vision AI company based in Jakarta. Established in 2016 as a Big Data startup, Nodeflux has been compiling a list of proven track records as we build significant milestones through achievement, recognition, and value-added impact. Nodeflux core focus is developing deep learning computer vision to provide Intelligent Video Analytics solutions, toward complex issues faced by multi sectoral industries and modern society.

Why Nodeflux


Vision AI Giant in Indonesia

Nodeflux is the first and the largest Vision Artificial Intelligent company in Indonesia for multisectoral industries helping them extending their vision in a particular area.

Adaptable in Every Business Environment

Nodeflux offers wide variety of analytics functionalities that can be leveraged by businesses in any environment, whether it is on cloud or on premise.

Reliable with Competitive Price

Nodeflux is using the leading-edge artificial intelligence and analytics technology and turning it into actionable intelligence to help businesses in the most affordable way.

Nodeflux Products

Nodeflux Real Time Video Analytics
Nodeflux Real Time is an on-premise solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform. Nodeflux Real Time’s various features are integrated into AI-powered analytics that could offer benefit for business operation. It provides real-time data updates, flexibility in implementation with REST API integration, and reliable data security with on premise solution.
Nodeflux Snapshot
Nodeflux Snapshot is a pay-as-you-go solution, designed to analyze video and image by using AI. Nodeflux Cloud is designed to analyze video and image by using leading edge artificial intelligence and analytics and turning it into actionable intelligence. The flexibility offered by Nodeflux Cloud is to help organizations streamline operations, improve monitoring and customer experience.
Nodeflux People Counting
Nodeflux People Counting is a Vision Artificial Intelligence Analytics Software that allows you to know the number of people in a particular area with multiple regions of interest. This can be done to capture people traffic, like at the front door, gate, elevator, lift, lobby, etc. Using Nodeflux People Counting, organizations can seamlessly gather the number of visitor data and analyze peak hour on each respective area.
Nodeflux Facial Recognition
Nodeflux Face Recognition is a Vision Artificial Intelligence Analytics Software which provides accurate searching and recognition. Using Deep Learning Algorithm to enhance the accuracy of facial inferencing, Nodeflux Face Recognition automatically detects facial features and recognize it, classifying them into the known and unknown person. This analytic can be integrated with an external database or by creating a new database.

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