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Published on 28 July 2023

Tak Perlu Panik, Begini Cara Mengatasi Ransomwar

How do you deal with increasingly sophisticated and diverse ransomware attack? This is arguably the most frequently asked question by many businesses who are concerned about the increasing frequency of ransomware attacks today. 

According to Interpol data, Indonesia faced 1.3 million ransomware assaults in 2021. Apart from individuals, organizations are the primary targets of ransomware. Business losses due to ransomware averaged more than $178,000, or roughly IDR 2.7 billion. Big corporations are the largest losers, with an average payment of more than $1 million, or around IDR15 billion. 

Don’t want this to happen to your company? To do so, read the following article on how to cope with ransomware. 

Ransomware Cases in Indonesia

Several incidences of cyber-attacks have recently rocked Indonesia in 2023. On May 8, 2023, a hacking group known as LockBit launched a ransomware attack against one of Indonesia’s leading banks. 

After claiming to steal 1.5 TB of data, the Russian hacker-initiated negotiations with the bank, promising to return all the stolen data provided a ransom of IDR 295.6 billion is paid by May 15, 2023. 

The Cyber Security Division of CISSReC believes that the ransomware attack on the Islamic bank is an example of Indonesia’s insufficient cyber-security. They claim that, even the number of cyber-attacks has increased year after year, Indonesia did not conduct additional assessments of its cyber-security system. 

How to Protect Your Business’ Data from Ransomware Attack

Cara Melindungi Data Perusahaan Anda dari Serangan Ransomware

It is critical to protect your data from ransomware attacks to avoid catastrophic losses and data leaks. Here are some precautions you can take to safeguard your data from ransomware attacks. 

1. Regularly Backups Data

Make sure your critical data is saved in a location distinct from the main network, such as a secure cloud or a physical storage device that is disconnected from the internet once the backup process is complete. 

2. Update System and Application

Ensure that the operating system, antivirus software, and other apps are all updated to the most recent versions. These updates frequently include security patches to address vulnerabilities that can be exploited by ransomware. 

3. Implement Strong Network Security

Consider installing and configuring a reliable firewall. This helps to minimize illegal network access. 

4. Beware of Phishing

Do not open links or attachments from unknown or suspicious emails Always double-check the source of an email before clicking on links or downloading files. 

5. Utilize a Reliable Security Solution

Install and utilize trusted security software, such as antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware software. Make sure the software is always up to date. 

If you’re looking for the best ransomware security solution, Hitachi Content Platform is a solid option. By utilizing this solution, you can keep ahead of ransomware threats while also ensuring that your data stays safe, secure, and recoverable if something goes wrong. 

Hitachi Content Platform to Address Ransomware Risks

Hitachi Content Platform (HCI) is Hitachi Vantara’s portfolio of data storage solutions. Designed to deliver a secure, scalable, and efficient object storage environment.  HCP utilizes advanced object storage technology, this solution enables companies to store, manage, and safeguard data at scale. 

When it comes to guarding against ransomware attacks and other cyberthreats, HCP provides a range of robust security capabilities, including. 

Data Replication and Versioning

Allows the storage of data versions, to discover ransomware-infected data and earlier uninfected versions of data to be retrieved. 


Snapshots valuable for restoring data to its state prior to a ransomware attack. 

Write Once, Read Many (WORM)

Prevents data alterations or destruction, making it less vulnerable to ransomware assaults. 

Access Protection and Authorization

Allows for precise permission and access control settings, ensuring that only authorized users can access and manage data. 

Integration with Security Solutions

To strengthen protection against ransomware, it can be coupled with other security tools such as threat detection software and firewalls. 

Hitachi Content Platforms Portfolio to Fight Against Ransomware

Portfolio Hitachi Content Platform untuk Melawan Ransomware

Hitachi Content Platform is an object storage that is one of the most secure in the business. The following are numerous methods HCPs might supplement a ransomware protection approach. 

Complementing Conventional Strategies

HCP acts as a layer of defense against ransomware attacks. 

Data Recovery and Versioning

Versioning capabilities allow you to retrieve the most recent clean versions of files destroyed by ransomware assaults. 

Remote and Branch Work Protection

Through the HCP Anywhere edge file service, you can extend data protection to your remote locations and branches. This implies that data in remote areas can still be accessed safely and securely. 

HCP Anywhere for Employees

Provides several services, including file syncing and sharing, corporate data mobilization, user data protection, content management, and governance capabilities. This makes it beneficial for your employee data. 

The capabilities of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) as a modern cloud-native object storage solution can help address the expanding needs of enterprise data security management. HCP was named a leader in the GigaOM Radar 2022 for Unstructured Data Management Business Solutions, receiving high marks for security and compliance. 

Benefits of Using Hitachi Content Platform

Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) has advantages in securing your organization, preserving operational continuity, and protecting sensitive user data in addition to offering proven features and a portfolio. Here are some of the advantages. 

  • Allows you to access the most recent version of any file, even in the case of a ransomware attack. 
  • Mitigates data loss caused by ransomware attacks. 
  • Allows your staff to continue accessing frequently used data during a ransomware assault. 
  • Provides additional data security by keeping all data accessible and secured. 
  • Provide centralized data protection management for file service delivery in many locations. As a result, data at remote offices or branches is also safe and secured. 

With these powerful features, HCP delivers an effective solution for fighting ransomware and protecting your company’s data. Administrators can be certain that vital files and data are secure and available to employees even in the face of threats.  

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Author: Ary Adianto-Content Writer CTI Group 

Translated by: Ervina Anggraini-Content Writer CTI Group  


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