Successful Migration to AWS Cloud Increases Eduprime’s Platform Scalability

Published on 24 November 2022

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PT Prima Generasi Bimbingan Belajar, a Yogyakarta-based provider of the Eduprime assessment platform, has made it simpler and safer for thousands of parents, teachers, and other education stakeholders to discover the abilities and interests of 4th grade elementary school to 3rd grade school students. This is achievable due to the successful migration of the Eduprime platform to the AWS Cloud with the support of Central Data Technology’s implementation services.

Prior to shifting to the AWS Cloud and still depending on on-premises infrastructure, stakeholders in the education sector encountered disruptions when utilizing the Eduprime platform, particularly the service’s volatility. This frequently occurs when there is a sudden increase in Eduprime service users or when hosting events. Sweet Luvianto, Chief Technology Office/Chief Operation Officer of PT Prima Generasi Bimbingan Learning, stated that Eduprime needs a more scalable IT system in order to synergize and support the government in the National Assessment Program to attain independent learning.

“In order to service more Eduprime users from Sabang to Merauke, we need an IT system and infrastructure that is more scalable and easier to expand fast without the need for provisioning or resizing.” Luvi stated.

Nonetheless, Eduprime does not want the new cloud-based IT architecture to require extra work from the IT staff. To manage it, they require a cloud-based IT infrastructure because it allows for greater scalability and allows their IT team to focus more on innovation and developing the features of the Eduprime platform, which will allow Eduprime to become the most widely used assessment platform by education stakeholders in Indonesia.

Furthermore, Eduprime strives to ensure the security of its users’ personal data stored on the Eduprime platform.

“Exploring and rating students’ abilities and interests to assist them in planning their future is associated with highly sensitive data. They would be hesitant to use the Eduprime platform services until data security is protected,” he added.

Reasons to Migrate to AWS Cloud with CDT

In 2019, Eduprime began migrating its website and apps from costly on-premises infrastructure with limited scalability to AWS Cloud. However, due to a variety of limited resources, both on the part of Eduprime who did it and also with the assistance of AWS, it was discovered that it was unable to completely support the process directly. It is challenging to implement and migrate to AWS Cloud.

According to Luvianto, AWS recommended CDT as AWS’ advanced partner in Indonesia until eventually. “CDT officially began supporting and collaborating with us in September 2022,” added Luvianto.

Luvianto went on to state that CDT began assisting Eduprime by doing infrastructure assessments to determine which AWS solutions were suitable for Eduprime’s needs. Prior to deploying and migrating website workloads and apps.

“Thanks to the CDT team’s experience and professionalism, the hard process of setting up and migrating to the AWS Cloud has been resolved.” AWS services that meet our requirements have already been integrated. Of course, we’ve begun to reap the benefits,” he stated.

Furthermore, according to Luvianto, CDT helped in delivering technology and solution-related training, as well as being actively involved in implementing AWS solutions, such as executing deployment services (install and configure) and relocating Eduprime data from Singapore to Indonesia. This work began in September and is expected to be finished in October.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is critical for reducing bugs and errors on the Eduprime website. The aim of CI/CD is to streamline the development to deployment process. Eduprime now automates its CI/CD process with open-source technologies. This is one of the answers to the challenges encountered when enhancing performance and introducing new features to the Eduprime platform.

Additionally, Eduprime has offloaded its website and application workloads to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Moreover, Eduprime moved from Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). This is an AWS native service that integrates with other AWS services to run safe, reliable, and scalable containers. Eduprime also uses Amazon S3 for secure data transfers and storage, as well as Elastic Load Balancing to automate and disperse website traffic.

“Thanks to CDT’s implementation and migration assistance and services, the constrained resources that had been an obstacle to Eduprime’s migration to AWS Cloud for the previous two years have been resolved,” Luvianto remarked.

Post-Implementation Benefits

Since the system is now more stable, Eduprime can quickly upgrade its user database by leveraging the AWS Cloud. High availability is critical for Eduprime, especially when organizing events that can reach 200 percent while providing the greatest user experience.

“Now, we can comfortably handle spikes of up to 28,000 concurrently on AWS, without fear of system failures or downtime.” In the future, we will be able to host events attended by hundreds of thousands to millions of students at the same time,” Luvianto revealed.

The Eduprime team can focus more on their core business and continue to develop to improve Eduprime’s services and products by hosting their platform on the AWS Cloud. AWS offers cloud-based infrastructure management[THC1]  features such as maintenance, upgrades, and security.

Eduprime on the previous architecture had downtime, requiring the service to be terminated and restarted after deployment. This takes more time but results in greater operational efficiency. Now, the company can add or upgrade features without concern of downtime after adopting CI/CD in a modern architecture on AWS.

“We no longer have to worry about maintaining our IT infrastructure now that we’ve migrated to a modern architecture on AWS and receive continuous maintenance, support, and reporting from AWS and CDT. This allows us to focus more on our customers’ apps and experiences rather than purchasing and managing IT infrastructure ourselves,” he explained.

According to Luvianto, leveraging the AWS Cloud provides Eduprime with scalability, operational efficiency, financial savings, security, and flexibility.

“We must continue to foster innovation because competition in this market is fierce,” Luvianto concluded.

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