Optimize Application Performance with Application Performance Monitoring & Observability from Dynatrace

Published on 11 September 2023

Optimalkan Kinerja Aplikasi dengan Application Performance Monitoring & Observability dari Dynatrace

As one of the pioneers in the Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability industry, Dynatrace offers advanced innovations to simplify organizations’ understanding, monitoring, and optimization of application and infrastructure performance. 

Dynatrace’s APM and Observability solutions function like “sleuths” that can unravel the mysteries of your application’s performance. This solution isn’t just a monitoring tool; it can also provide deep insight into what is happening with application infrastructure components, allowing you to see how these components interact and affect your application’s performance. 

Interested in learning more about Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability and why Dynatrace is considered the top choice for implementing these solutions? For complete details, refer to the following article. 

What is Application Performance Monitoring?

Benefits dari Application Performance Monitoring

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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) involves techniques and tools for monitoring, measuring, and understanding application performance. APM provides companies with vital visibility into how their applications operate. In simple terms, APM works by collecting performance data, including response time, resource usage, and transaction performance, which is used to identify performance issues, bottlenecks, or anomalies in the application. 

With a better understanding of application performance, companies can respond to problems more swiftly, prevent costly downtime, and increase user satisfaction. Additionally, APM helps companies make data-based decisions to optimize application performance and allocate resources efficiently. 

What is Observability?

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Observability is an integrated approach that consolidates data from multiple sources onto a single platform. This provides companies with comprehensive and in-depth visibility to efficiently detect, diagnose, and solve problems with their applications. 

The data collected typically includes various technological components involved in the operation of the application, such as the performance of applications, networks, servers, databases, and cloud infrastructure. The following is a more comprehensive explanation of Observability concerning the main components of an application. 

Application Performance

Track application performance and understand how users interact with the application, including response times, errors, and user actions. 


Monitor physical and virtual servers, cloud instances, and networks used to support applications. This includes monitoring resources such as CPU, memory, and storage. 


Understand network traffic, latency, and troubleshoot issues related to connectivity and networking. 


Monitor database performance, including traffic, response time, and troubleshoot database-related issues. 


Collect and analyze logs from across the technology stack to track activity and detect problems or threats. 


Use metrics and performance measurements to understand trends and patterns throughout the system. 


Enable end-to-end transaction tracking throughout the entire infrastructure, providing a complete understanding of the journey of data and requests through the system. 

If your company is planning to implement Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability, Dynatrace is the right choice! Dynatrace’s APM and Observability capabilities have been proven to be superior and are recognized as a leader and provider of leading APM & Observability solutions in the industry. This is thanks to various innovations and comprehensive features.

Overcome Observability Challenges in Digital Transformation with Dynatrace

In a digital era that continues to develop and becomes increasingly complex, the use of multicloud and cloud-native technology in applications has become a necessity. In this context, keeping it secure by understanding and monitoring multicloud and cloud-native systems in depth (observability) is also a very vital aspect in maintaining the smooth running of application systems.

To answer these challenges, Dynatrace emerged as a superior solution in terms of observability. Dynatrace has designed a solution that can reduce complexity and eliminate possible glitches.

Furthermore, Dynatrace is increasingly solidifying its reputation as a dependable solution. This is substantiated by its recognition from Gartner, where Dynatrace has been acknowledged as a leader and leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring & Observability solutions in the industry. This recognition serves as a testament to Dynatrace’s steadfast commitment to delivering an innovative, integrated observability and security platform, along with superior analytics features, to its customers. 

Dynatrace: The Industry’s Leading Application Performance Monitoring & Observability Solution

Dynatrace has achieved outstanding results in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for APM and Observability report. Notably, Dynatrace’s exceptional accomplishments extend beyond the Magic Quadrant report to the Critical Capabilities for APM and Observability 2023 report. In this evaluation, Gartner assessed 19 service providers, and Dynatrace ranked highest in terms of effectiveness of use and service to customers. 

So, what sets Dynatrace apart? The following are the testimonials of several customers who have experienced a positive impact while using Dynatrace. 

  • Quick Incident Identification 

According to an Application Architect in the government sector, “Dynatrace has transformed how we respond to incidents by identifying areas for performance improvement and extracting critical data from user behavior analysis.” 

  • AI Advantages 

One of the Directors of Software Infrastructure notes, “Dynatrace’s AI technology allows us to pinpoint key areas in the code that have caused application downtime and helps us identify issues quickly.” 

  • Best Support 

A VP of Operations in the banking sector praises Dynatrace for its robust technology and exceptional customer support. “Dynatrace has consistently been willing to assist us in improving customer satisfaction and achieving success in application development.” 

7 Advantages of Application Performance Monitoring & Observability from Dynatrace

Dynatrace offers numerous advantages that position it as a leading provider of Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability services. Here are some of them: 

1. End-to-End Monitoring

It provides visibility across the technology layers supporting an application, including the code, infrastructure, network, and cloud service levels. With this end-to-end monitoring, you can track transactions and application requests from start to finish, allowing you to understand the entire data journey and identify issues quickly. 

2. AI-Powered Analytics

Dynatrace uses AI and ML technology to automatically analyze performance data. This enables you to swiftly detect performance issues and reduce downtime. 

3. Auto-Remediation

The platform can automatically take corrective actions, such as increasing server capacity or redirecting traffic, without human intervention. 

4. Multi-Cloud Monitoring

With the ability to monitor applications across multiple cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, Dynatrace enables companies running applications across various cloud infrastructures to achieve end-to-end visibility. 

5. Scalability

With robust scalability, this platform can monitor and analyze performance on a large scale, making it suitable for companies operating in diverse geographic areas. 

6. Integrated System

It offers strong integration with other tools and technologies commonly used in IT environments, such as Kubernetes, Docker, and more. This ensures you can leverage existing technologies. 

7. Powerful Analytics and Reporting

The platform provides the ability to analyze performance data in various ways and offers customized reporting to meet organizational needs. 

Get Dynatrace Solutions Only at CDT

Central Data Technology (CDT), as Dynatrace’s authorized partner in Indonesia, offers comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your business needs. Supported by a professional, experienced, and certified IT team, CDT also guides you through the consultation, deployment, management, and after-sales support stages, ensuring a smooth implementation of the Application Performance Monitoring & Observability solution from Dynatrace. 

Interested in using the Dynatrace solution? Contact us immediately by clicking the following link. 

Author: Ary Adianto 

CTI Group Content Writers 


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