Get to Know What Cloud Monitoring Is and Its Benefits for Business

Published on 23 May 2023

Kenali Apa itu Cloud Monitoring dan Manfaatnya untuk Bisnis

Cloud monitoring is a critical solution amid the widespread adoption of multicloud environments by companies. According to a survei Dynatrace of 1,300 CIOs, approximately 99 percent of companies using multicloud environments employ an average of seven cloud monitoring solutions to monitor their cloud performance. 

This fact underscores that cloud monitoring is a fundamental necessity for companies embarking on multi-cloud adoption to support their business operations. It is of utmost importance to ensure that all cloud components remain available, perform at a high level, and stay secure. 

So, what exactly is cloud monitoring, and what are its benefits for your business? Find out more in the following explanation. 

What Is Cloud Monitoring?

Cloud monitoring is a set of solutions and practices designed to help businesses observe, measure, analyze, and manage the health and quality of their cloud-based IT infrastructure. By automating cloud monitoring, business can easily view the performance and availability of web, file, application, server, and network resources. 

This visibility empowers companies to identify and remediate issues in real-time to prevent negative impact to users. Cloud monitoring tools can unify data from various applications and resources across distributed channels, facilitating the detection of anomalies, analysis of root causes, predict and prevent security breaches and downtime. 

Types and How Cloud Monitoring Works

Cloud monitoring dapat berperan sebagai agent untuk memantau kinerja lingkungan cloud

Companies can implement cloud monitoring as an agent or agentless service to monitor the performance of the cloud environment. Cloud monitoring can be achieved through tracking agents, third-party software data collection and reports from supporting components. 

The distinction lies in agentless monitoring, which enables communication through an API (Application Programming Interface). Regardless of how an IT team or Network-as-a-Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider sets up cloud monitoring, there are several types of cloud monitoring: 

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

APM offers real-time visibility into the status and performance of enterprise applications. 

Database Monitoring

This monitoring identifies host problems while ensuring data queries perform optimally. For example, uptime detection can identify database instability and contribute to increasing average time to recovery. 

Website Monitoring

Website monitoring includes checking processes, traffic, availability, and usage of cloud-hosted web resources. 

Cloud Server Monitoring

This monitoring tracks metrics and provides insights regarding server CPU, memory, and network health conditions of hosts, containers, and serverless functions. 

Cloud Storage Monitoring

This monitoring allows IT teams to track storage and process resources for virtual machines, services, databases, and applications. 

Virtual Machine (VM) Monitoring

VM monitoring ensures that resource usage and VM performance can support the application. 

End-User Monitoring

This process tracks and measures customer satisfaction levels with the company’s products and services. 

Integrated Monitoring

An integrated monitoring platform to monitor physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. 

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Benefits of Cloud Monitoring 

Manfaat Cloud Monitoring untuk Bisnis

As mentioned above, cloud monitoring helps businesses ensure that all cloud components remain available, perform optimally, and stay secure. However, the cloud monitoring solution from Dynatrace goes even further by providing a complete picture of the health of the entire cloud infrastructure, encompassing all nodes, transactions, and users through just one dashboard. 

In detail, here are several benefits of Dynatrace cloud monitoring that can transform your business. 

Comprehensive Advanced Monitoring  

Dynatrace is powered by AI technology that offers full capabilities and end-to-end visibility to monitor all cloud environments, on-premises systems, operating systems, and network metrics. Additionally, Dynatrace can eliminate blind spots by detecting issues with third-party services, load balancers, hypervisors, disconnected hosts, or limited network observability. 

Plug-and-Play for Modern Cloud Environments

You don’t need to worry about whether your business uses public, private, or hybrid clouds; Dynatrace can automatically detect and monitor all cloud components while adapting to dynamic changes. Dynatrace ensures seamless observability across all modern cloud environments, automatically identifying cloud applications and services across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack, OpenShift, and other providers. This capability allows you to gain comprehensive insight into applications, services, processes, and cloud components in real-time, across all cloud and on-premises environments. 

Integration with Cloud and Container Environments  

Gain cloud monitoring capabilities that seamlessly integrate with your business’s various cloud and container environments. This integration covers AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud Foundry, Oracle Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat OpenStack, SAP, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Tanzu. 

Advanced Observation in Multicloud Environments 

Dynatrace cloud monitoring solutions are available through Central Data Technology (CDT), the official partner principal of Dynatrace in Indonesia. These solutions provide infrastructure monitoring capabilities for cloud, container, and data center environments, offering enhanced capabilities. Additionally, you can access cloud monitoring services with full-stack capabilities to observe applications and infrastructure in multicloud environments (Full Stack Monitoring).

Dynatrace as Principal CDT

Access cloud monitoring capabilities across virtual environments, whether in public, private, or hybrid clouds, through Dynatrace’s solutions. As Dynatrace. official partner, Central Data Technology (CDT) will assist you in monitoring the performance of all cloud components to ensure a high-performance and secure work environment.

CDT, as Dynatrace’s authorized partner, will guide you through adopting cloud monitoring, from consultation and deployment to management and after-sales support, ensuring you avoid trial and error. Interested in using this solution? Contact us by clicking this link .

Author : Ervina Anggraini

Content Writer CTI Group


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