Here’s How Cloud Computing Services Can Help Businesses Save Costs

Published on 26 July 2023

Ini Rahasia Layanan Cloud Computing Bantu Bisnis Hemat Biaya

Cloud computing services have become a must-have for businesses in the digital age, allowing companies to reduce costs for their IT infrastructure and overall business operations. 

A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in 2022 revealed that over 80 percent of businesses have adopted cloud computing. After transitioning to the cloud, 67 percent of those surveyed experienced increased operational efficiency, and 84 percent were able to boost their earnings by around 20 percent. 

But how do cloud computing services simplify IT infrastructure management while enhancing cost efficiency? Let’s delve into this article to explore a comprehensive explanation! 


Boosting Business and Work Efficiency with Cloud Solutions

Layanan Cloud Computing Meningkatkan Efisiensi Kerja

Cloud computing has firmly established itself as a cornerstone in facilitating business operations. To what extent do the benefits of using cloud computing solutions go? Here’s the explanation. 

  • Boosting Team Productivity 

While some companies demand that employees return to the office full-time, hybrid work is a significant part of the new work culture. Cloud computing enables efficient remote work arrangements where all employees can access tools and data on the cloud platform, regardless of device, location, or time. As reported by Lumify Work, the adoption of cloud computing has resulted in a substantial productivity boost of US$9.4 billion for the economy in the last five years. Notably, approximately 42 percent of businesses are now utilizing paid cloud services. 

  • Enhanced Data Security 

Many cloud services offer extensive VPN options for stronger data protection. Additionally, most cloud services have procedures to recover stolen, compromised, or damaged data. With improved data security in place, business operations can run more smoothly and efficiently. 

  • Outsourced IT Updates & Support Services 

You don’t need to worry about manual maintenance tasks, as you can use outsourcing services to save costs, including hiring support teams, as well as updating cloud hardware and software. 

  • Cost Savings 

Cloud computing indirectly eliminates additional costs for physical storage and networking equipment since you only need to pay according to your business needs. 

  • Competitive Advantages 

Expand your business reach without the need for significant investment in setting up branches in different locations. Additionally, you have a greater opportunity for remote work 

Maximizing Cost-Effective Adoption of Cloud Computing 

Despite the widespread adoption of cloud computing, many companies have yet to fully harness its maximum efficiency and benefits. One of the key reasons behind this discrepancy is the diversified utilization of different cloud types to address specific requirements, ranging from optimizing application performance and ensuring infrastructure scalability to enhancing data security. 

Furthermore, cloud computing services are often considered expensive. However, one of the advantages of using cloud computing is that it can reduce device and maintenance costs since they are provided by the cloud service provider. 

Here are five ways you can adopt cloud computing cost-effectively. 

1. Pay-as-You-Go 

You only need to pay for what you use, especially for workloads with varying demands. 

2. Compare Prices  

Each cloud platform has different prices that you can use as a reference to choose a cloud solution that suits your needs. 

3. Consider Data Access Costs

You also need to consider application costs when accessing data before choosing a cloud computing platform and provider. 

4. Developer Efficiency

Assist the developer team by providing resources and benefits during the application development process through cloud systems. 

5. Easier and Faster Access 

The closer the cloud is to the user, the easier and faster content access becomes, while also reducing connectivity costs. 

One of the cloud computing solutions that caters to cost-saving needs is Akamai Connected Cloud. Akamai Connected Cloud services offer a range of features and advantages to easily, quickly, and cost-effectively address various business needs. 

Akamai Connected Cloud: A Reliable and Cost-Efficient Cloud Solution

Akamai Connected Cloud Solusi Cloud Mudah, Cepat, dan Hemat Biaya

Akamai Connected Cloud makes it easy for you to leverage existing features and services without requiring specialized tools, expertise, or additional costs, allowing you to optimize budgets, performance, and resources. 

With a range of core-to-edge computing, CDN, security services, and 24/7 support from Akamai, you can build, deploy, and maintain workload performance in just seconds. Additionally, here are some other advantages: 

Reduce Infrastructure Costs 

Enhance company budget efficiency without compromising business performance. 

Support Multicloud Strategies and Plans

Improve performance and reduce the risk of dependence on a single provider. 

Boost Developer Team Productivity

Deliver a user-friendly cloud environment for developers and IT teams to enhance productivity. 

Features and Services Tailored to Developer Team Needs

Receive the best 24/7 service experience tailored to your developer team’s needs. 

Akamai Connected Cloud Features

In addition to offering numerous advantages, Akamai Connected Cloud boasts several advanced features. Here are some of them. 


  • Share and Dedicate Compute: An easy-to-use open cloud protocol developed at every stack layer, eliminating the need for configuring and maintaining features and workflows. 
  • Kubernetes: Manage Kubernetes clusters to automatically adjust the number of instances according to application workloads. 
  • Industry-Leading Price Performance: Obtain the best performance from all cloud computing offerings, including hyperscale solutions. 


  • Performance: Compatible with Amazon S3 with NVMe technology to provide 10 to 20 times higher throughput. Businesses can also increase input or output operations by up to 2,000 times per second compared to traditional disks. 
  • Price: Akamai Connected Cloud object and block storage include free incoming transfers and outgoing transfers up to 1TB. 


Akamai Cloud Connected offers various options, including shared, dedicated, and high-memory instances to support MySQL and PostgreSQL. All managed database offerings provide consistent and reliable pricing like other Akamai Connected Cloud IaaS solutions. 

Workload Optimization

Place computing, storage, databases, and other selected services near industries and IT centers. This way, you can develop, deploy, and maintain application security and performance with millisecond latency for customers. 

Akamai Connected Cloud: The Most Distributed Cloud Platform with the Highest Number of Locations & Edge POPs

Akamai Connected Cloud is a massively distributed edge and cloud platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery. This is closely tied to Akamai Connected Cloud’s ability to fulfill all the needs of a distributed cloud platform for customers and developers. 

Akamai Connected Cloud offers enterprise-grade cloud-based solutions for companies worldwide. Akamai’s cloud computing services bring computing, storage, databases, and other services closer to customers, key industries, and data centers. 

As a result, developers can focus on coding without being burdened by other concerns. While Akamai handles infrastructure matters, it places workloads according to needs and delivers applications whenever and wherever users want them. 

Moreover, compared to other cloud providers, Akamai Connected Cloud offers more cost-effective pricing. This includes CDN costs for cloud data transfers to maximize your cloud investment ROI. 

Akamai; The Leading Cloud Testing Tools Solution

According to Software Testing Help, the remarkable capabilities of Akamai’s cloud computing services position this platform as the top cloud-based software testing tool in 2023. Akamai Cloud Computing is highly suitable for startups, agencies, and small businesses starting their ventures from scratch. With a 30-day free trial option, you can experience Akamai’s best cloud computing services and then secure the best pricing offers that suit your business needs. 

Unlock True Cloud Cost Saving with Akamai Connected Cloud Solutions from CDT 

As an authorized Akamai partner, CDT can guide you through every stage, from consultation to implementation and maintenance, ensuring you harness the full potential of Akamai Connected Cloud tailored to your business requirements for optimal cost efficiency and high performance. 

Backed by skilled and certified IT professionals, CDT will lead you seamlessly through all adoption processes and offer a 99.9 percent service guarantee for the Akamai solutions you integrate. Interested in Akamai’s Connected Cloud solution? Contact us now by clicking here. 

Author: Wilsa Azmalia Putri
Translated by: Ary Adianto
Content Writer CTI Group



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