How AWS Helps Indonesia’s Largest Rubber Producer in Effective Disaster Recovery

Published on 26 September 2022

A significant portion of Indonesia’s industrial sector continues to rely on legacy, siloed IT systems. Traditional infrastructure systems were acceptable in the past, but in today’s period of highly competitive company, they are more of a burden. As a result, upgrading to a digital infrastructure system is essential.

PT Kirana Megatara Group, the largest crumb rubber processing company in Indonesia, has this obstacle. They have challenges in several areas of infrastructure modernization, most notably in the areas of disaster recovery and the procurement of replacement equipment.

To this end, Kirana Megatara employs Central Data Technology’s (CDT) Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, AWS Backup, Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon VPS and Amazon Disaster Recovery from Amazon Web Services (AWS). While AWS solutions may very well be capable of assisting Kirana Megatara, it would be helpful to first learn more about the company and the problems it is facing in the following article.

About Kirana Megatara

About 19 percent of all rubber exported from Indonesia is managed by Kirana Megatara. At that volume, they’ve established themselves as Indonesia’s leading crumb rubber producer. The final output is a bale of rubber that meets the standards set by the Technical Specification for Standard Indonesian Rubber (SIR).

The end results are shipped to the best tire manufacturers in the world as the primary raw material for tire production.

Digitalization Challenges

According to Hendrik Iriawan, General Manager of Kirana Megatara, the company’s primary problem is that its current hardware, infrastructure, and storage services are all more than ten years old. This is obviously dangerous, since any damage to any of the devices will cause the entire production information system and data processing to cease functioning.

Hendrik is involved in the company’s strategic planning process and is responsible for developing and monitoring the company’s information systems to ensure compliance with all applicable rules.

“Not only that, at the same time we also have another complication where procurement of replacement equipment might take at least two weeks,” Hendrik remarked.

Hendrik went on to say that because of this, Kirana Megatara needs products and services that are tailored to their specific requirements, are reasonably priced, and come with an assurance of continuing support after the sale.

How Did CDT Support Kirana Megatara with AWS?

Hendrik disclosed that his team was acquainted with Central Data Technology (CDT) due to the company’s support with Disaster Recovery and SAP migration to AWS Cloud. To put it simply, Amazon Web Services (AWS) won’t cut it on its own. Since CDT is an AWS Partner, they are now a go-to resource for Kirana Megatara’s planned digital transformation.

“It’s clear that CDT has a solid history, and they’ve reached the pinnacle of AWS partnership. Obviously, CDT is quite reliable in terms of resources to help the Kirana Megatara project,” Hendrik stated.

AWS was chosen by Kirana Megatara as their cloud provider since the company believes AWS is best equipped to meet all their needs. According to Hendrik, AWS’s Availability Zone reduces the likelihood of outages and combines the company’s already excellent services and competitive pricing to make it the best cloud provider available.

How Does AWS Help Kirana Megatara?

Kirana Megatara makes use of several Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings, including Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, AWS Backup, Amazon S3, Amazon VPC, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Quicksight. They moved seven SAP systems to AWS and made use of its backup and disaster recovery features. Kirana Megatara confirmed the 100% increase in efficiency brought about by AWS support.

Kirana Megatara was also successful in convincing the company’s management of the importance of disaster recovery. It can be demonstrated that the implementation of backup and disaster recovery on AWS runs effectively and yields good results, with the RPO result, which was previously 1 day, now being less than 10 minutes using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery.

“The adoption of AWS, which is undoubtedly helped by CDT, is very critical, since all ERP and DR operations, we entrust the resources in AWS, and if something unexpected happens, it would result in the halting of production activities from our 16 factories. Hendrik said, “Imagine if it happened; the daily loss may approach hundreds of billions of dollars.

CDT supports Kirana Megatara in integrating AWS by scaling the previous system’s CPU, RAM, and storage to match the needs of the new system.

“CDT has been really helpful in identifying excellent resources to meet our requirements. And even after we’ve implemented everything, CDT is helping Kirana Megatara track how well Disaster Recovery and SAP are working on the AWS Cloud,” he continued.

Benefits Upon Adopting AWS

Hendrik highlights some of the improvements and innovations that have occurred at the company after the change. He stated, “The IT staff can now more easily keep tabs on the status of seven AWS servers in real time, and the backup process for the non-SAP servers also occurs in real time without impacting the functionality of the live servers.”

The fact that AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery was put in place proves Kirana Megatara’s integrity and dedication to data and operational security, even in the face of catastrophic events like natural disasters, and this has helped to earn the trust of the company’s customers and business partners, as Hendrik mentioned.

Hendrik acknowledged that CDT’s support in putting Kirana Megatara’s previous problems to a head was highly professional. Furthermore, they receive help with training for checking up on how well Disaster Recovery and SAP on the cloud are doing.

He went on to say that the value-added came from the annual maintenance budget dropping significantly, allowing Kirana Megantara to reinvest the savings into other initiatives within the division.

As well as the organization has seen an improvement in the soft skills of every team member in the division, particularly in the infrastructure and operations team, leading to improved performance across the board. The company has high aspirations for CDT’s future, namely that it will continue to offer a wide variety of business solutions at affordable rates.

“We were able to implement cloud solutions much more quickly thanks to AWS’s and CDT’s partnership. The whole procedure, from approving the Disaster Recovery plan to migrating to the SAP System, ran without a hitch. We want to continue working together in the years ahead. A big thanks to AWS and CDT team,” Hendrik concluded.

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Get AWS Solutions from CDT

CDT offers services for Amazon Web Services (AWS) including compute, storage, and disaster recovery. When it comes to CDT, AWS is at the head of the pack, having just been named by Gartner as a Leader in Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services (CIPS) for the eleventh year in a row. Additionally, the pay-as-you-go model eliminates the need to worry about employing AWS solutions, since you will only be charged for the solutions and services that you actually employ.

As a subsidiary of the CTI Group, CDT provides a variety of IT services to help your business thrive, including expert advice on choosing the right products, effective processes for putting them into action, and a competent staff to put them into effect.

CDT is a trusted partner for enterprise solutions across a broad spectrum, including cloud, security, and analytics. Please email if you want any further details.

Author: Jeko Iqbal Reza
Content Writer CTI Group




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