Secrets Behind Distributed Cloud to Protects Business Applications from Ransomware

Published on 12 September 2023

Begini Cara Content Delivery Network Lindungi Aplikasi Bisnis dari Ransomware

The distributed cloud has emerged as a central component for securing business applications from ransomware threats. The power of the distributed cloud becomes evident in critical situations, as it can rapidly detect and respond to the risk of ransomware spreading. 

In Indonesia, like in many other countries, ransomware attacks have become a significant concern in the realm of cybersecurity. This threat has disrupted business operations, resulting in financial losses and damaging companies’ reputations. 

Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the latest incidents that have occurred in Indonesia and understand why the distributed cloud plays a vital role in safeguarding business applications from the threat of ransomware attacks. Interested in learning more? Continue reading the following article. 

Increasing Ransomware Incidents in Indonesia

Distributed Cloud mencegah ransomware)

Global cybersecurity firm Kaspersky, has issued warnings about the escalating threat of ransomware attacks targeting companies worldwide, including Southeast Asia. In 2022 alone, over 300,000 ransomware attacks hit business applications in the region. Among Southeast Asian countries, Indonesia experienced the highest number of incidents with 131,779 cases, followed by Thailand (82,438), Vietnam (57,389), the Philippines (21,076), Malaysia (11,750), and Singapore (472). 

One glaring example of this threat’s severity is the ransomware attack on one of Indonesia’s largest banks in May 2023 by a hacker group known as LockBit. They infiltrated the bank’s system and demanded a ransom of hundreds of billions of rupiah in exchange for returning the stolen data. 

In addressing this situation, relying solely on endpoint solutions for cybersecurity protection is inadequate. This is why innovative distributed cloud solutions, such as F5 Cloud Distributed Services, are becoming increasingly critical as the last line of defense. 

F5 Cloud Distributed Services offers distinct advantages in efficiently confronting, detecting, and responding to ransomware threats. Featuring a customizable, layered security platform, F5 Cloud Distributed Services delivers dependable, comprehensive protection for companies of all sizes. 

F5 Cloud Distributed Services – The Advanced Distributed Cloud Solution by F5

F5 Distributed Cloud Services represents a sophisticated offering from F5 Networks, providing dependable Distributed Cloud Services along with a robust layer of security. With this approach, F5 Distributed Cloud Services becomes the comprehensive choice for enhancing, safeguarding, and securing the user experience when accessing applications. 

The solution blends F5’s global network quality with a robust security system, shielding apps from debilitating ransomware attacks. Through load balancing techniques and server deployment across numerous locations, companies can ensure constant application availability and mitigate the risk of ransomware spread during an attack. 

By combining reliable distributed cloud services with modern security technologies, F5 Distributed Cloud Services provides enterprises with powerful tools to combat cyberthreats while enhancing the performance of their applications. This solution helps businesses deliver an optimal user experience without compromising security. Additionally, this solution plays a crucial role in ensuring that applications remain securely accessible throughout the company’s digital ecosystem. 

F5 Cloud Distributed Services Features

F5 Cloud Distributed Services offers a robust feature set designed to protect, manage, and optimize applications within today’s increasingly complex digital environments. These advanced technologies empower enterprises to deliver an exceptional user experience while ensuring application security and performance. Let’s take a closer look at the key features. 

Web App & API Protection (WAAP)

WAAP integrates an array of advanced security technologies, including application-based attack prevention (WAF), which identifies and blocks suspicious penetration attempts. This solution safeguards your applications and APIs against vulnerabilities and cyberattacks that could jeopardize your business. 

Multi-Cloud Networking

This feature provides flexibility in integrating, routing, and managing application traffic across diverse cloud environments. It allows you to harness various cloud services without compromising on performance and security. 

Application Delivery Network

Efficiently and securely deliver applications to users worldwide. This encompasses performance optimization, traffic management, and rapid content delivery. With this solution, you can ensure an enhanced user experience, reduce page load times, and maintain application availability even during periods of high traffic. 

5 Advantages of F5 Cloud Distributed Services 

Keuntungan F5 Cloud Distributed Services sebagai Layanan CDN Aplikasi Bisnis

F5 Cloud Distributed Services offers five distinct advantages when deployed for business applications. Let’s delve into these advantages: 

1. Optimized Performance & Reliability

Attain superior performance and reliability optimization for your applications. The service intelligently distributes traffic to the nearest servers in various geographic regions, ensuring swift and responsive content delivery to global users. This enhances user experience, reduces page load times, improves application response, and minimizes downtime risks. 

2. Security and DDoS Protection

Equipped with advanced security layers that shield your applications from ransomware attacks. Utilizing cutting-edge protection technology, this solution detects Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) threats and attacks, effectively taking measures to block them. This proactive approach sustains application availability, even during intensive attack scenarios. 

3. Fraud & Risk Mitigation

Real-time identification and blocking of fraud attempts. This feature upholds your business’s integrity and safeguards sensitive data from misuse. 

4. Multi-Cloud Networking

Supports a multi-cloud networking approach, empowering companies to seamlessly manage applications across diverse cloud platforms. You can effortlessly integrate this service with your cloud infrastructure, offering flexibility in optimizing and managing applications across a variety of cloud environments. 

Get F5 Distributed Cloud Services Solution Exclusively through CDT

Central Data Technology (CDT) as F5 authorized partner in Indonesia, is poised to deliver comprehensive IT solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Supported by a team of IT professionals with certifications and extensive experience, CDT stands ready to guide you through every phase – from consultation and deployment to management and after-sales support. With CDT’s expertise, you can sidestep trial-and-error pitfalls and seamlessly implement the F5 Distributed Cloud Services solution. 

Interested in harnessing the power of the F5 Distributed Cloud Services solution? Waste no time and reach out to us right away by clicking the link here. 

Author: Ary Adianto
Content Writer CTI Group 


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