Nebula Cloud Console

Nebula Cloud Console (NCC) is a cloud management platform that gives you the freedom to adjust your cloud performance according to your business needs. The advancement of cloud computing is getting faster. As it rapidly grows, it requires extensive knowledge and expertise to manage the cloud’s benefit to the highest, that’s where NCC comes with the ability to make your cloud management experience as easy as moving a finger with its range of key features

Why Nebula


Preventive Approach

Prevent any impending issue by minimizing every last one of them by scheduled Preventive Action to make sure cloud services are running well

Gain a Reliable Point of Contact

NCC is one console for all. The customers won’t have trouble finding a solution if there’s an issue or change requirements

Supported with Certified and Experienced Team

Faster in achieving best practice from our Cloud Solution Architect

Nebula Products

Integrated Notification & Alarm Center

Control your cloud usage by setting the parameters to each cloud service and get notified.

Cloud Centralized Billing
Get the details and breakdown for every cloud service subscribed and other applicable fees.
Single Dashboard for Cloud Health Check
Check your services status, performance, and utilization for every cloud service subscribed.
Single Dashboard for Support Ticket
Supporting for Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, subscribes new services, and Account & Billing related.
Managing Multiple Accounts

Get the convenience of managing multiple AWS accounts to enhance productivity and save time

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