In 1989, MicroStrategy was founded on the principle that the future belongs to organizations that effectively harness the power of their data. This vision has driven us from day one to deliver world-class software and services that redefine what’s possible and help transform our customers on their journey to becoming the Intelligent EnterpriseTM. We provide powerful software solutions and expert services that empower every individual with actionable intelligence, helping enterprises unleash the full potential of their people and investments. Our analytics and mobility platform delivers high-performance business applications that meet the needs of both business and IT.

Why Microstrategy


Lower Cost And Proven In The Enterprise

With complete object reusability, scalability, and centralized administration, MicroStrategy drastically reduces the costs of deploying and maintaining enterprise analytics. MicroStrategy eliminates the need to rely on multiple tools and keeps costs low even as needs evolve.

Easy For Everyone And Rated Mobile Analytics

MicroStrategy puts sophisticated analytics in the hands of every user through a variety of intuitive interfaces and tools that are accessible to anyone, from administrators to business analysts. Users can quickly connect to, blend, and prepare data—all without using any third-party tools.

Unmatched Performance

MicroStrategy delivers unrivaled speed, performance, and scalability by optimizing resource usage and limiting redundant, demanding tasks that increase overhead. By pushing complex functions down to the database and leveraging an in-memory caching layer, MicroStrategy delivers the benefits of both direct database access and in-memory processing, resulting in faster response times on any query.

Microstrategy Products

Identity and Telemetry
MicroStrategy digital identity and telemetry helps organizations unlock the potential of a fully connected Intelligent Enterprise through the power of a mobile badge. Deploy this incredibly convenient credential to employees, suppliers, partners, and customers to open doors, unlock workstations, log into applications and websites, scan QR and barcodes, record their locations, find other users, and more. These interactions generate powerful identity intelligence that gives enterprises unparalleled insights they can use to improve efficiency, deliver context-based information, and provide a personalized and convenient user experience.
Analytics on Mobile
Instantly deploy analytics to mobile devices. Leverage existing visualizations, reports, and dashboards to instantly deploy mobile analytics. By putting real-time insights in employees’ hands with mobile reporting, analytics, and monitoring, organizations empower employees to make better decisions from any location, on any iOS or Android device.
Analytics Cloud Platform
The MicroStrategy Cloud Platform delivers everything you need to deploy secure, scalable, flexible, and extensible cloud solutions that meet the business and IT needs of your entire organization. Skip the legwork and tap into the industry’s leading enterprise analytics and mobility platform in a matter of minutes.
Enterprise Analytics Platform
MicroStrategy introduces more ways to turn insight into impact. Blend and analyze all your data and leverage third-party systems and existing investments. Deploy powerful applications at scale and deliver a single version of truth across your organization. MicroStrategy provides the tools that developers, architects, and administrators need to simplify and accelerate processes at every level of an analytics deployment, from creating the object-oriented infrastructure, to building and distributing world class intelligence applications, to monitoring and managing the full life cycle of any project.
Business Intelligence
Whether you want to instantly deliver personalized reports to thousands of users, empower business users with self-service analytics, or boost analytics adoption to 100 across your enterprise, MicroStrategy provides the technology to make it happen. MicroStrategy’s powerful analytical engine, comprehensive toolsets, variety of data connectors, and scalable, open architecture ensure you have everything you need to extend access to analytics across every team and business function.
Dashboards aren’t enough. Empower the experts in your organization to deploy contextual insight to any website, screen, wall, device, or application. Whether you’re answering emails or scrolling through a website, you can get answers in real time without interrupting your workflow, no clicks required. HyperIntelligence will change how you work. For the first time, you don’t have to go looking for insights, they come to you. With HyperIntelligence™, zero-click insights are now available everywhere, all the time, for everyone.

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