Eduprime Successful Increases Platform Scalability Using CI/CD Implementation on AWS

Published on 14 Desember 2022

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About Eduprime

Eduprime established in the context of realizing a national education that is able to compete in today’s world globally. Eduprime launched an assessment program that can assist education stakeholders in realizing meaningful assessments, also providing instruments and reports that can be used to determine characteristics, so to be able to develop programs that are right on target.

To support their workloads, Eduprime have multiple Application running on their on-premise infrastructure environment. They using CI/CD to support the transform their monolith application that using manual deployment in to cloud native environment.

Eduprime Challenge

The company’s mission to synergize and help the government of the National Assessment program to realize independent learning, so that Eduprime needed a more reliable and scalable IT system.

Before migrating to the AWS Cloud and still relying on on-premise-based infrastructure, there were some disruptions experienced by stakeholders in the education world when using the Eduprime platform, especially the instability of the service.  This often happens when there is a sudden spike in Eduprime service users or when holding an event.  They can’t handle users even for 8000 people.

CDT Hadirkan Solusi AWS Cloud untuk PT BNI Multifinance

CDT started to assist Eduprime by conducting infrastructure assessments to find out which AWS solutions were right for and suited to Eduprime’s needs. Before implementing and moving the workload of websites and applications. CDT found that Eduprime with previous architecture had experienced downtime so that the service was stopped and after deploying it needed to restart from the beginning. This takes longer and results in operational efficiency.

It is important to implement Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to avoid bugs and errors on the Eduprime website. CI/CD is at the core of the DevOps process, which aims to automate the development and deployment process. With these considerations in mind, the configuration made consists of using AWS EC2 which will be used for the deployment of Admin, PSEP, and Mobile applications, while for student applications it will use the AWS ECS cluster.

Based on the results of the assessment, discussion, and assessing their business needs, Central Data Technology proposes using AWS ECS Clusters for Eduprime to run their supported applications. Eduprime also uses ElasticCache for Redis so that users can get data from caching originating from the redis cluster. Besides that, monitoring tasks will handled by AWS CloudWatch Logs and Metrics as well as ECS Cluster Insights. And for CI/CD process, Eduprime implements the CI/CD pipeline using Jenkins installed on AWS EC2 and using Git as the code repository.

Results And Benefits

By using the AWS Cloud to support its platform, Eduprime can now easily scale up its user database as the system is now more stable. Coupled with the success of moving workloads from Singapore to the Jakarta Area and successfully converting the EKS cluster into an ECS cluster in the Jakarta area resulting high availability that is very significant for Eduprime business need, especially while users increasing when organizing events that can reach 200% of normal traffic, at the same time ensure the best experience for users without worrying about system crashes and downs. On the other hand, after implementing CI/CD in modern architecture on AWS Cloud, Eduprime can add or update features at any time without fear of downtime.

“Now, we can comfortably handle spikes of up to 28,000 concurrently on AWS, without fear of system failures or downtime. In the future, we will be able to host events attended by hundreds of thousands to millions of students at the same time,” Sweet Luvianto, Chief Technology Office/Chief Operation Officer of Eduprime revealed.


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