Dynatrace is a US-based company that specializes in application performance monitoring solutions. Deep observability and AIOps as well as application security can be combined in one open, unified platform, allowing users to get exact answers and intelligent automation from data, so they can innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and consistently drive better business results.

Why Dynatrace

Outstanding Recognition

Gartner has recognized Dynatrace as the leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability in its 2022 report, and it is also placed number one in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for APM and Observability study for 4 of 6 use cases evaluated.

High Quality Automation and AI

Dynatrace can automate and secure DevOps pipelines while also increasing throughput, speed, and quality throughout the whole software development lifecycle. Its AI engine can enhance business operations by predicting and resolving problems before they affect users.

Consistent Experience

Dynatrace APM and Observability can run across a wide range of applications and infrastructure in hybrid and multi-cloud environments to maintain consistent customer experiences.

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CDT as Authorized Dynatrace Partner in Indonesia

Advanced Authorized Partner
PT Central Data Technology (CDT) is a subsidiary of the CTI Group has been authorized as an AWS advanced authorized partner in Indonesia.
Professional IT Expert
Professional IT experts have assisted 150++ customers from variety of industries in Indonesia, Myanmar, UK, and other countries in the world in deploying solutions to support business operations.
CDT IT specialists are certified to assure solution quality before and after implementation.

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Dynatrace Solutions

Dynatrace - Single Metrics and Observability

Single Metrics and Observability​

With Dynatrace, banking industries could have a single application performance observability across its entire environment, providing all the insights it needs from one dashboards. The bank’s testing team, application team, and infrastructure team all share this same single source of truth, improving collaboration and enabling them to deliver greater business value.
Dynatrace - Instant Insight for Application’s Complexity

Instant Insight for Application’s Complexity

Dynatrace’s capabilities provide precise answers to problems, which allows for faster customer experience optimization. This is particularly important in the financial/banking industry where end-to-end observability into applications is necessary to maintain the best possible customer experiences. Dynatrace can instantly notify relevant teams of any issues and provide digital experience insights to identify the root cause of problems and resolve them quickly.

Dynatrace - Reducing Application Complexity

Reducing Application Complexity

Dynatrace’s APM solutions can help manufacturing companies monitor the performance of their critical applications and identify issues before they impact end-users. This can help reduce downtime and improve productivity. Dynatrace’s cloud optimization solutions also can help these companies monitor their cloud environments and identify opportunities to optimize their usage and reduce costs by replacing multiple legacy monitoring tools that usually makes monitoring more complicated.
Dynatrace - End-to-end Application’s Service Dependencies Tracing

End-to-end Application’s Service Dependencies Tracing

The company still relies on a number of legacy applications to deliver its services successfully. As it continues to migrate towards a modern cloud platform, Dynatrace provides the observability needed to trace transactions end-to-end across the full stack and back into its legacy applications to identify and resolve any issues wherever they originate.
Continuous Optimization of User Journey Experience

Continuous Optimization of User Journey Experience

Dynatrace’s Session Replay capabilities allow the company to play back user sessions in a step-by-step, high definition video. This offers precise insight into how users interact with its services, so the company can proactively improve the design of digital journeys and optimize the user experience.
Dynatrace - Optimize Problem Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

Optimize Problem Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

With Dynatrace, companies was able to consolidate multiple monitoring tools to obtain a single view, providing better visibility into its environment and eliminating performance blind spots.
Dynatrace’s AI capabilities provide insurance industries with a comprehensive picture of customer experience; capable of pinpointing root cause amongst the 300,000 dependencies in its environment instantly, so the IT team can rapidly remediate problems and improve customer experience.

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