Dynatrace is a US-based company that specializes in application performance monitoring solutions. Deep observability and AIOps as well as application security can be combined in one open, unified platform, allowing users to get exact answers and intelligent automation from data, so they can innovate faster, operate more efficiently, and consistently drive better business results.

Why Dynatrace

Outstanding Recognition

Gartner has recognized Dynatrace as the leader in the Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Observability in its 2022 report, and it is also placed number one in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for APM and Observability study for 4 of 6 use cases evaluated.

High Quality Automation and AI

Dynatrace can automate and secure DevOps pipelines while also increasing throughput, speed, and quality throughout the whole software development lifecycle. Its AI engine can enhance business operations by predicting and resolving problems before they affect users.

Consistent Experience

Dynatrace APM and Observability can run across a wide range of applications and infrastructure in hybrid and multi-cloud environments to maintain consistent customer experiences.

Dynatrace Products

Infrastructure Monitoring
Cloud platforms, containers, and data center technologies with advanced observability
Full Stack Monitoring
Observability at scale for apps and infrastructure across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
Digital Experience Monitoring
Better user experience with mobile, web, hybrid, and IoT apps.
Application Security
Detecting application vulnerabilities in real time, optimized for the cloud and Kubernetes.
Open Ingestion
Observability can be extended via log monitoring, custom metrics and events, and serverless function traces.
Cloud Automation
Orchestration of the life cycle of cloud native applications.

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