Yayasan Mandalahayu

The Mandalahayu Bekasi Foundation was established based on the Notarial Deed of Mrs. Siti Kamariah Suparwo, SH. Number 36 dated January 23, 1987, has a vision “To educate the nation’s youth via mastery of science and technology, to believe of God Almighty (Allah SWT) and to improve the community’s well-being.”

The greatest impact of COVID-29 to the education industry is that we stopped all face to face learning. Therefore, we must find a trusted partner to help us deploy adequate servers to conduct online examinations. CDT is a trusted partner of AWS that gives us end-to-end solutions and services that enable us to conduct online examinations properly.

Service Used

Fsi and Banking

  • Infrastructure
  • Data Integration
  • Application Service

Manufacture / Distribution

  • Application Service
  • User adoption service (UAS)
  • Single Sign On

Product Used

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