KPN Corp consists of four main business divisions, namely: agriculture, cement, building materials, property, and international trading. Primarily based in Indonesia, KPN Corp also have a business presence in Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius. KPN Corp is committed to providing the best quality products and services to KPN Corp customers and has more than 30,000 employees that responsibly serve the world.

While working together with CDT in implementing our servers on AWS, CDT was very helpful and communicative, so the process ran smoothly. CDT team did not only guide but also provide every information we need. The transformation we felt, after moving our email server to AWS, not only it is more stable but also the performance is faster, more consistent, and more secured, not to mention that the cost is below the budget that has been prepared. Thank you, AWS!

Service Used

Fsi and Banking

  • Infrastructure
  • Data Integration
  • Application Service
  • Manufacture / Distribution

    • Application Service
    • User adoption service (UAS)
    • Single Sign On

Product Used

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