Akamai is the leading content delivery network services provider with software delivery, cloud and security solutions. As leading security, compute, and delivery company, these solutions are helping global companies make life better for billions of people and company worldwide.

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Global Reach

The world’s most distributed platform for cloud computing, security, and content delivery application and streaming closer to users and devices.

Boost performance, speed innovation

A massively distributed edge and cloud platform so developers can build, run, and secure applications across a continuum of computing power.

Outsmart the most sophisticated threats

Unparalleled visibility and insight into global threats so you can proactively adapt your security posture.

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PT Central Data Technology (CDT) is a subsidiary of the CTI Group has been authorized as an Akamai advanced authorized partner in Indonesia.

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Professional IT experts have assisted 150++ customers from variety of industries in Indonesia, Myanmar, UK, and other countries in the world in deploying solutions to support business operations.
CDT IT specialists are certified to assure solution quality before and after implementation.

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Akamai Solutions


Open Finance: Mitigating Cyberattack Risks for Financial Institutions

Strong security protocols are required to safeguard financial institutions from cyberattacks. Akamai’s Open Finance solution promotes secure communication between financial institutions and external partners by facilitating in the establishment of transparent communication channels.

Multi-layered Safeguards for E-Banking Security: Protecting Against Unauthorized Access, Fraud, and Online Threats

To protect electronic banking transactions and customer data from unauthorized access, fraud, and cyber threats, e-banking security requires a high level of protection, including authentication, encryption, monitoring, and regulatory compliance. The Akamai DDoS solution can ensure the security, integrity, and availability of e-banking transactions and data. To address these security concerns, our system effectively safeguards technology, regulations, processes, and personnel skills.


Accelerate Time-to-Market with Affordable, Developer-Friendly Cloud Computing Services

Akamai CDN brings your workloads and apps closer to your consumers’ devices, no matter where they are. As a result, you will have improved performance and faster time to market while providing them with a rapid, high-availability experience.


Power Up Your Machine Learning, AI, and Video Streaming with On-Demand Hosting

Focus on your key abilities, while Akamai take care of the gear that enables them. Cloud GPUs lower the entry barrier for complex use cases like Machine Learning, AI, and video streaming.


Boost Customer Satisfaction with Secure, User-Friendly Online Shopping

The e-commerce industry has faced highly motivated threat actors on exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications, monetizing digital assets, disrupting internet-facing infrastructure, and stealing client data through a range of attack channels and methodologies. As a result, a solution that provides real-time protection, such as Akamai Firewall, is required.


Ensuring Consistent High-Quality Video Streaming Across Diverse Platforms and Devices

Delivery of live video streams can be complicated because of the diversity of platforms, access networks, and streaming formats competing in today’s online media ecosystem. Consumers expect consistent high-quality performance and availability wherever, whenever, and on whatever device they choose. A delightful and trouble-free online watching experience, particularly when live streaming is guaranteed while utilizing Akamai Video Streaming.

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